Your smile is your best asset.  
A friendly smile conveys warmth and openness, while a beautiful smile projects confidence, youth and vitality to all who see it. 
A dental Implant is a surgical component usually made up of titanium placed into the jaw bone. 
If you have missing teeth or have an uncomfortable tooth replacement, you may not be as happy with your smile as you could be. If having missing teeth or an uncomfortable denture keeps you from smiling, you'll be happy to know that there may be a treatment that will have you smiling again with dental implants. Dental implants serve as root replacements for missing teeth, providing a foundation for new teeth
It is a common misconception that implants can cost less than a £1000. The word implant only applies to a small but vital piece of the puzzle and without the other components you don’t have a finished implant. 
some of the stages needed: 
CT scan 
Surgical Guide 
Abutment screw 
An implant can take several months to place each component. Each stage is intricate and everybody heals differently therefore different durations would be needed between appointments from when the implant post is placed to the implant crown being fitted. 
You may also need 
Bone augmentation 
Sinus lift 
Pick up coping 
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